1How many people can Treehouse 119 accommodate?
The venue can host gatherings of up to 30 people
2What is an access code?
A number code you will receive via email that lets you in our space.
3Will there be staff onsite during my event?
No. But we are just a phone call or text away if you need anything.
4Can I tour Treehouse 119?
Yes. Tours are by appointment only. Please call 913-980-8700 or email info@treehouse.com to schedule an appointment. Tours take approximately fifteen minutes. Additional photos may be found on our Facebook at www.Facebook.com/Treehouse119
5When can I rent your event space?
The space is available to rent hourly 8 am - Midnight 7 days a week including holidays.
6Is it possible to rent hours after midnight?
No. Renter, guests, and all vendor items must be out of the facility by midnight.
7How much does it cost to rent the space?
Please refer to the pricing page for all available discounts, add-ones & choices.
8Where do guests park?
Treehouse 119 is located centrally Downtown with 3 blocks of public
9Street parking?
There are also City lots under & around the historic water tower directly south of our building. The small lot directly north is a private lot we ask our renter & their guests to not use so those businesses can maintain the parking for their private customers
10May we bring in any items prior to our rental time?
No. All items must be brought in during the rental time. When booking your event, please factor time for set-up.
11What types of events are best for Treehouse 119 use?
Any small gathering or celebrations such as birthdays, baby showers, grad parties, etc. Corporate, business & organization meetings & celebrations. Holiday parties, product parties, etc. Pretty much any gathering that is by invitation & not walk-in type sales. If you are unsure about your event type is acceptable for space please call or email to confirm.
12Does Treehouse 119 provide alcohol?
No. Treehouse 119 does not provide alcohol. The client/renter is personally responsible for the conduct of guests, vendors and all aspects of the event. All persons in attendance must comply with all City, State, and County laws regarding serving alcohol. No alcohol is permitted outside the building. Treehouse 119 does not authorize the sale of alcohol at the rented facility.
13Can I bring my own food & drinks?
Yes. Bring your own food and beverages of your choice. You may also use the refrigerator located in the venue.
14What can I plug into the indoor outlets?
Any item, such as a crackpot or warmer that uses a maximum of 120 Volts can be plugged in. Multiple items plugged into an outlet that exceeds 20 amps will trip the breaker. Outlets are located throughout the venue.
15Is smoking allowed on the premises?
No. Smoking is not allowed inside the building.
16What is our responsibility for cleanup at the end of the event?
Anything that you brought into the event space needs to go home with you at the end of the ~vent. You are responsible for taking down and disposing of any decorations, removing all rented items, removing any leftover food and beverages, etc. For your convenience, the trash cans located within the space have liners/bags as well as extras to replace what you use for the next renter. You may also choose the add-on option for us to cleanup for you on the event options page .... the choice is yours.
17Are tables & chairs provided?
Yes. Walnut live edge tables, counters, benches, stools & soft lounge seating are included in the rental fee.
18Is there a dance floor?
19Can we hang items from the walls or ceiling?
Decorations may not be hung on the walls or ceiling. The following items are prohibited: Nails, staples, screws, cellophane, hooks, etc or any other adhesive material.
20Can we decorate Treehouse 119?
Yes. All decorations must be removed after the event. Pictures, balloons, banners, etc cannot be attached with nails, glue, duct tape, or any substance that will damage the wall or ceiling. There are small eyebolts located throughout the space you may use for the purpose of hanging decorations however we recommend enjoying the decor of the space. The best decorations to add for your event are balloons with weighted bases, flowers, decorative plates, etc. Our walls are wonderful for photo backgrounds.
21Can we rent during the holidays?
Yes. No increase in rates!
22Can I move the tables or sofas to another location?
No. The tables & sofas are large & heavy. Moving may damage the tables or sofa or the floor. If the setup doesn't work for your event please contact us prior to booking, we will do our best to suit your needs.
23Do you require a deposit to book an event?
No. Our fees are nominal therefore simply pay your rental fee to book your event.
24Other questions?
Please feel free to call or text 913-980-8700 or email info@treehouse119.com with any other questions you might have.